Sworkit Spotlight: JaNae Marzell


We’re so excited to introduce our second installment of Sworkit Spotlight, with JaNae. We’re interviewing our very inspiring Sworkiteers. If you’re interested in being spotlighted email us at stories@sworkit.com. JaNae is an all-star. She is in college for kinesiology and is an athlete. She’s lost 50 lbs from a healthy eating and fitness habits and with Sworkit. She considers Sworkit family. Everyone, meet JaNae.

My name is JaNae Marzell and I am a 20-year-old collegiate student-athlete. I have always been a heavier child and struggled with my weight for most of my life. Even though I have and continue to take part in physical activities, my weight never seemed to reciprocate that. However, over the past year and a half, I have begun the physical journey of a lifetime and in this, I’ve lost 50 pounds. I have my eating habits, fitness goals, and of course Sworkit to thank! I was introduced to the app by a friend and workout partner that took me under her wing and helped me jumpstart my fitness journey about a year ago. From then on, there was no turning back. Sworkit is a part of my everyday life as if the app is a family member. Now, I am here to share this app with others, just as someone did for me in hopes of jumpstarting yours fitness journey. Let’s begin today!

How do you create and maintain habits?

I create good habits by setting short-term goals that are realistic and achievable and then set a specific plan for reaching these goals.  For instance, sometimes we get caught up in the bigger picture when it comes to fitness and weight loss. However, by setting shorter goals, it makes them easier to maintain and more achievable. So, the habits that I have created for myself such as going to the gym and not forgetting to engage in the Sworkit app are enforced by timed reminders on my phone. I set certain alarms, that go off every day to ensure my success.

What do you love MOST about Sworkit?

With the Sworkit app, there is so much to enjoy from the workouts that are offered. One of the most enjoyable features is the user’s ability to personalize the workouts to their lifestyle by setting specific time frequencies.

What are 5 things you do to be as healthy as you can?

  1. The most important thing that I do in order to remain as healthy as possible is to be kind to myself.  A clear mind can only lead to a healthy heart, which in turn is reciprocated physically.
  2. Aside from that, I drink loads of water,
  3. commit to active minutes weekly(aside from my sport),
  4. maintain a suitable diet,
  5. and set aside adequate time for fun and cheat meals; of course.

When in doubt, what inspires you to workout?

When in doubt or discouraged, I look at old pictures of myself that remind me how far I have come. Not only do they do that, they remind of how far I have to go in order to reach my fitness goals. This alone gives me the extra motivation to get up and get moving.

Your favorite workout?

Core, Core, Core! Core is my favorite part of my body to workout as well as my favorite feature of Sworkit to engage in. With the recent update, I am enjoying easing into the core workout with a minute or two of warm-up exercises and then jumping into the workout.

Who is your fitness inspiration?

My fitness inspiration is myself. If someone would have told me a year and a half ago that I can accomplish my fitness goals by with my support system being mainly, just myself. I would have never believed it. Nowadays, many people get caught in trying to achieve the look of another person who is often not of the same body acquisition. However, with myself being my inspiration, I inspire myself to grow, push myself, and to keep my head up even when I feel defeated. In essence, no one can inspire me to achieve my goals like I can do for myself!

Amazing inspiration, JaNae! Thanks for Sworking it with us and I’m sure everyone can agree that you’re results and motivation are amazing. Follow JaNae on Twitter here. or Instagram here.

I’ve Completed my Fitness Plan. What Now?

So you’ve completed your fitness plan and now you want to know how to choose your next fitness plan. If you want to do another fitness plan, we’ve designed a simple flowchart that’ll solve all your worries and anxieties about what’s next.

If you’ve never tried one of our fitness plans but you’re interested in what we’re talking about, read about our 3 fitness workout plans here.

First of all, let us say congrats! A 6-week training program is no easy feat and we’re sure you crushed it. Don’t forget to brag to us how bad you crushed it by emailing us at stories@sworkit.com. You can be featured in our Sworkiteer Spotlight Series!

There are four options you can take when choosing to level up (or stay the same) with your fitness plan. Which will you choose?

Which Fitness Plan is Next?

fitness plan flowchart


How to Add or Delete an Exercise to Custom Workout

Sworkit is the most customizable workout app you will ever experience. Whether you are recovering from an injury or have bad knees, you can add or delete exercises that you aren’t able to do. Below is how to add or delete exercises from a Sworkit workout.

Add or Delete Exercises to your Custom Workout

1. Select the workout you want to add or delete from.

2. Select Customize and the workout will be added to your custom workout list.

3. Select the workout.

4. Select Edit

5. Select the red circle to the left if you’d like to remove an exercise. Click the +Add Exercises button at the bottom right if you’d like to add an exercise.

6. Save by clicking Done at the bottom left.

You can also watch how to add or remove an exercise from your workout below.

Need to find exercises to replace the ones you can’t do? Check out our exercise library here! Our exercise library is filled with modifiers whether you’re looking for more of a challenge or an easier modification.


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