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Be a great mother OR AND stay in shape!

So you want to be a great mother and stay in shape, but you feel like you just can’t do both. Imagine putting the little ones to bed, all your chores for the day are done, you’re thanked for all your hard work, and your kids call you Superwoman because while they play you are getting in a 10-minute workout that gets you real results.

It’s possible and we’re sharing how we’ve seen 100’s of our Sworkiteers do so.

Download Sworkit and try our 30-day free trial

First and foremost download the trusted at home fitness app. If you hate it you can go to your app store and cancel before the 30-day trial is over. We promise you’ll love the possibilities. As a busy mom, if you can’t make it to the gym, we have the at-home gym experience that’ll get you in the zone.

Be a great mom

1. Commit

Write it, post it on your fridge, and tell your family. Having a support group is important! We consider our Sworkiteers family, so feel free to join our Motivation Group on Facebook.  We have daily fitness challenges, accountability check-ins

2. Start with a stretch

When was the last time you were able to relax? Stretching and relaxing are directly correlated. Why? It stretches the muscles and forces you to focus on your breathing. Stretching shouldn’t hurt. Allow your body to slowly adjust, and you’ll be very impressed with your flexibility and lowered stress levels over time.

3. You deserve the 5 minutes

No one understands not having time to workout like a mom does! But in order to make the best changes in your life, we challenge you to make it your priority to get in 5 minutes. Think about it this way. You working out is actually making your children’s life better because you’re making yours better too.

5 minutes can mean during nap time or during bath time.

You CAN feel great and see results by exercising for 5 minutes a day. Creating the habit is most important in the beginning

4. Kids love seeing you exercise

Monkey see monkey do. It’s a fun time when the kids see an exercise mat come out and they instantly go into downward dog! Our kid’s app has even more fun exercises to follow along to. You can even connect to your Apple TV and broadcast for the whole family.

great mom yoga

5. Track your progress

Write in a journal and take before photos so you can see how far you’ve come. Look at Melissa, Sworkiteer, and ambassador for 3 years. The photo to the left is post-partum and to the right is one year later after using Sworkit.

Melissa Sworkit results

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You can be a great mother and stay in shape. It doesn’t have to be an “or”.


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