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Mothers Day is on its way and we’re sharing our favorite gifts for mom’s that love all things fitness (on a budget). These gifts will make your mom smile, make her life easier, and make her really enjoy her special day.

Best Mother’s Day Gifts (in our humble opinion)

1. Body Back Buddy Original Trigger Point Therapy Self Massage Tool | $29.95


So you can’t afford a back massage but you need one. Problem solved with the self massage tool.  (Buy Now)

2. Peach Bands | Premium Matte Resistance Loop Bands | $17.99

Make your workout a bit more challenging by adding exercise resistance bands. (Buy Now)

3. Cactaki Water Bottle With Time Marker | $19.99

If you’re so busy you forget to drink water, but you’re also super organized and like sticking to a schedule the Cactaki water bottle plans out your water intake for the day. (Buy Now)

4. Yoga Mat Tote Bag | $32.95

No more lose yoga mat that always seems to unroll or slip out of its band. This beautiful tote even has a side pocket to put the phone away during class.  (Buy Now)

5. 90 Degree By Reflex High Waist Power Flex Legging – Tummy Control | $22.99

Comfortable, simple, and slimming. It’s everything we want in leggings. (Buy Now)

6. Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof | $19.98

Waterproof is important for headphones during a workout. The wireless capability is perfect for a HIIT workout or a run. (Buy Now)


Mom will love any of these gifts. Of course, a gift membership to Sworkit is always an option, too.



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