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Your gluteal muscles—or your glutes—are the most powerful muscles in your body.

There is a lot of potential in that booty, but unfortunately, our sedentary lifestyles can make it hard to activate those muscles. Have you ever experienced doing a glutes workout only to find your legs are feeling the brunt of the pain the next day?

That can happen when you don’t activate your glutes and get them firing during a booty and leg workout.

So, discover why your booty might not be getting the workout you want and how to fix it by activating the glutes before the workout.

The Sitting Disease

Okay, we don’t mean to sound dramatic but we didn’t come up with the term! There are actually entire organizations devoted to getting people standing and moving.

And these organizations have come up with some pretty shocking statistics about the sedentary lifestyle that is so common.

According to, an organization with the goal of getting people moving and helping them stay healthy, most humans spend 12 hours a day sitting!

Sounds a little terrible when you think about it, right?

But this is a result of technology. This ranges from constantly riding in a car instead of walking or bicycling, to needing to make a living by working at a computer or sitting in meetings all day.

You see, until the mid 20th century, our ancestors spent most of their lives moving around.

Not so much anymore.

There are lots of simple ways to change a sedentary lifestyle to a more active one. So, let’s focus on what you can do to activate your glutes once you get to a workout.

Warming Up the Glutes

We all know the importance of warming up before starting a workout.

But just as a refresher, the reason we need to warm up is not just to prevent injury but to get blood and oxygen flowing to our muscles to increase performance.

According to the American Heart Association,

“Before you exercise, think about warming up your muscles like you would warm up your car. It increases the temperature and flexibility of your muscles, and helps you be more efficient and safer during your workout. “

Active stretches and light cardio like walking, jogging, and cycling at a light pace are great warm-up activities. As for the booty, it may just require a little extra warm up to let your brain and your body know you are ready to work.

Great glute activation exercises include:

If you’re unfamiliar with these exercises or want to brush up on the proper form, visit our Exercise Library for free guidance and examples.

In fact, what you might notice about each of these exercises is that they aren’t high impact nor will they get your heart rate up like crazy. However, they are going to get you feeling the burn right where you need to—in those gluteal muscles.

You see, by adding an additional glute warm up to your regular warm-up regimen, you stand a better chance at getting a great booty workout when you move onto your weightlifting or your planned workout routine.


Activate Your Glutes Using Sworkit

If you’re wanting a little assistance creating your workouts, including an effective glute warm up, download our app or check us out on Apple TV to begin doing customized, full-body workouts today.

Our passion is to help people have healthy bodies and minds.

And maybe adding a glute activation exercises to your warm-up is just what you need to take your performance and strength to the next level.

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