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Is there a specific workout that targets the lower abs?

We are all wondering- is there a specific workout that targets lower abs? We’ll give you both sides of the argument and give you a workout that will give you a full ab workout and open the hips so that you will target the lower abs as much as possible.

Men’s Journal’s take on Lower Abs:

“Many guys view their lower stomach as more of a problem zone than higher up and think they can zero in on that part. First of all, your lower region likely isn’t any less toned – it’s just covered by more belly fat. Second, you couldn’t work only the lower abs if you tried. “When clients tell me they just want to work their lower abs, I laugh,” Renderer says. “Get this straight:  Your rectus abdominis is one unit.” Still, people often confuse this single muscle for multiple muscles. “Certain core exercises involve the hip flexors and other muscles, which makes you feel like you’re doing more for your lower abs than your upper abs, but you’re really not,” says Bryant.” 


Brad from

“…You must initiate a posterior pelvic tilt if you want to increase activation of the lower abdominal musculature. This is accomplished by lifting only from the butt so that you bring your pelvis up towards your belly button–standard leg raises are primarily a hip flexor exercise and will only work your abs statically without targeting the lower aspect of the abs (the abs play a stabilizing role in this movement). Develop a mind-to-muscle connection so that when you lift your pelvis, you forcefully contract the lower abdominal segments. Provided you perform the movement correctly, you should be able to elicit greater development in the lower abdominal region.”


So is there a workout that targets the lower abs? Possibly. While your rectus abdominis is one unit, studies show there are ways to greater development in the lower abdominal region. It makes sense! Opening the hips and pelvis will allow you to tighten your core better. Follow these three tips:

  1. Activate your hip flexors
  2. Remember that abs won’t be visible till you lose the belly fat- but core strength is important
  3. Continue your ab workouts!

Your free lower ab workout is below. You can also download our 21-day ab challenge guide here.


Free Lower Abs Workout

lower abs workout




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