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After determining at what time of year to buy ripe fruits, we noticed the list didn’t include tomatoes which forced us to have the ultimate debate amongst ourselves- is tomato a fruit or a vegetable.

First, we must warn you. Tomatoes are sensitive.

Extensively Oxford Dictionaries breaks it down the best.

Tomato is a Vegetable

At least that’s what the cooks in the room agreed upon. The passionate food-lovers in the room shouted, “Would you ever put a tomato in your fruit smoothie?!” Even the hard-core opposing side winced at the thought.

Tomato is a Fruit

To the science-loving side of the room, it only made sense that by definition tomato qualifies as a fruit and even if it isn’t that sweet or great dipped in chocolate it’s a darn fruit!

The Great Tomato Debate

It’ll continue to be argued and we may never have both sides agree with each other. What we do know is tomatoes taste great and make an awesomely stuffed tuna melt.

tomato stuffed tuna melt

If that didn’t lighten the mood in the midst of the debate, how about this awesome tomato joke?

Q: Why Did The Tomato Blush?
A: Because he saw the salad dressing

While we could spend the whole day in debate, we quite frankly have an app that we need to be working on and we’ll leave you with the deep, methodical, poetically intriguing question of Cody Pin.

tomato fruit

  1. Do you think of tomatoes as a fruit or a vegetable?
  2. Do you like tomatoes? Does your kids?
  3. What’s your best tomato joke?

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