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The Sworkit Youth Initiative is Sworkit’s mission to end childhood obesity. Here’s why:


We want to give kids around the nation a fighting chance at being the most successful they can be and we can start with exercise. Here’s how:


Through the Sworkit Youth Initiative any teacher with a K-12 classroom, anywhere in the world, can get free access to Sworkit’s paid subscription service (available on Android, iOS, and the web). Teachers will have unlimited access to our extensive library of workouts. In addition, if your school needs resources you can apply to receive them on our Sworkit Youth Website.


Did you know:

This isn’t fair for the kids that are growing up not understanding the importance of their health. We are striving to make healthy living possible today and for generations to come. Our dream is to reduce the number of obese children by 50% in the U.S. by 2026.

After we visited DC Public Schools’ Excel Academy, we saw the children’s eyes light up as we told them they’ll be able to use Sworkit Kids anytime and can download it in their own homes.

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The teachers were as excited as we were to include exercise in the classroom in addition to the gym. Kids love technology and we think it’s really special that through technology we’re exciting kids to exercise. We call it interactive play. Fewer and fewer kids are staying active. Here are some important stats:



We want to change the future for kids and get them excited to exercise and move. If you know a teacher or parent who might love Sworkit or needs Sworkit in their life, visit our website, and learn more.

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