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Char is an inspiration to us at Sworkit and we’re excited to introduce you to her, too. You can catch her on Instagram doing Sworkouts with her friends and her very cute dogs. If you see Char, watch out she might rope you into a Sworkout too! Meet our Sworkit Spotlight, Char!


Hey it’s Char, I currently live in Palmerston North, New Zealand. I live here with my fiancé Dylan and my two wonderful border collie dogs, Kenta and Enzo. I love reading, exercise, listening to podcasts, walking my dogs and more recently, wedding planning! I have been doing Sworkits for over a year now and have lost 13kg doing that with a mixture of weights and healthy eating too! I love to rope people into doing Sworkits with me and have converted many people to the cause =). I work for the military which keeps me traveling and having a workout in my pocket is so handy!

How do you create and maintain habits?

I maintain habits by being organised and making little achievable goals. Most the time we promise to ‘be better’ the next day and when I find myself saying this at the end of the night I organise myself for the next day so I have no excuses. I make breakfast, get my clothes ready for the next day, that includes work clothes, PT kit and anything else I might need.

What do you love MOST about Sworkit?

Soooo many things!
I loved when I was traveling for work I didn’t need an amazing gym for a full workout, just push your bed to the side and you have plenty of space – I had no more excuses to not workout! The variety of workouts and movements that Sworkit provides is amazing, plenty of app workout guides repeat the same movements over and over so you end up doing hundreds of squats and sit-ups – with Sworkit you don’t get bored of the exercises and it works so many different parts of the body. You can be as low impact or a high impact as you want depending on how you’re feeling. You can bring it anywhere with you on your phone and it is easy to do with others to have fun!


What are 5 things you do to be as healthy as you can?

1. Sworkit =)

2. Walk my dogs every day

3. Cook delicious meals

4. Try and get a good night sleep

5. Treat myself (mental health is important too)

When in doubt, what inspires you to workout?

My main inspiration used to be that my work required me to have a certain level of fitness, and if I could not reach this I couldn’t do my job. Now it is that it makes my fiancé proud to see me enjoying exercise. A lot of the time if I am not feeling it, I do a workout just so I can tell him what I have done because I know it makes him happy. Last but not least it makes me feel amazing afterwards too, there is nothing like that fun buzz after a workout, it is so good for your mental health and sleep patterns!

Your favorite workout?

I love mixing doing Sworkits and weights, I start with the ‘Full intensity Cardio’ do my weights, and then the corresponding ‘strength’ sworkit e.g. if I had done arms that day I would do the ‘Upper Body’ sworkit to finish off!

Who is your fitness inspiration?

Dylan Smart @burn_dylansmart (Fiance)

Great work, Char! Thanks for Sworking it with us and roping in all your friends to join. Follow Char on Twitter here. or Instagram here.


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