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The perfect butt we want is possible and like everything else, it takes consistency and hard work. If you’re here to learn how to gain glute muscle and feel firm and lifted, you’ve come to the right place! We’re explaining exactly what makes a butt have the shape and structure that it does and then we’ll give you exercises to strengthen your behind so you’ll feel strong and confident walking out of a room.

What Shapes your Butt?

What is a butt? It’s not just muscle and fat that determines what your butt looks like. It’s also not a boat.

Bone Structure Defines the Main Shape of your Butt

The way your hips sit can determine the shape of your butt. Just like our face shape can be oval, round, square, etc., so can our butts. Below is a diagram from betterbuttchallenge that shows the most distinguishable shapes by plastic surgeons. This shape is genetic.

butt shape

Muscles We Can Work on Growing

There are 3 main muscles groups we can work! We’ll break down the perfect workouts later.




It’s important to work all these muscles because if we don’t they can be extremely lazy and forget how to work (Calling all office staff!). This leads to bad posture and a flat behind (Boo!).

The Fat and Skin We’re Born With

“Fat” has such a negative connotation but it’s not a bad thing at all. Thank goodness for the fat on our butts because that can make sitting more comfortable. The amount of fat depends on genetics and diet, but it’s important to note that you can not spot reduce. BetterButtChallenge explains it best.

Losing and gaining weight overall can have an impact on the fat stored in this area, but it’s widely accepted that it’s not possible to naturally ‘spot reduce’ fat or customize the specific distribution of fat on your rear. Fat is lost and gained in layers, (like an onion!) so when you lose or gain fat, this happens in a layer like-fashion over your entire body.

The skin is the final layer of the butt.

Sworkit Exercises for your Glutes

There are 138 exercises specifically for glutes in Sworkit! There are even more if you count the added benefits of some exercises.

Activation Exercises for a Perfect Butt

Activating glutes is like a “Hello! Wake up!” for your glutes.

Cardio Exercises for a Perfect Butt

If you are looking to keep your butt or grow your butt and not make it smaller, Master Trainer Lyzabeth Lopez suggests high-intensity cardio and it just makes sense. The low intensity, low resistance, and long duration will definitely lean your legs but will also reduce the size of your butt.

Try a HIIT workout with a mix of the following exercises for 10 minutes OR choose one 1-3 exercises. Make a Tabata workout with each one for for minutes. Learn more about HIIT and Tabata here.

Muscle Building Exercises for your Butt

Try one of our prebuilt workouts for glutes such as the Rump Roaster or Brazilian Butt Lift that include most of these muscle building exercises.

Butt Workout 5 sets of 5 Circuit Workout

If you prefer, create a custom workout with 5 of these exercises. Create a circuit! We suggest 60 seconds exercise 5 seconds rest and a 60 second break after the set. Do 5 sets. Not sure how to set up a Circuit in Sworkit? Watch this Youtube Video on Setting up Sworkit Circuits.

Example of  5 sets of 5 workout

Set 1: 60 Seconds | 5 second rest

  1. Squats
  2. Side Squat
  3. Lunge
  4. Back Leg Raise
  5. Step Ups

60 second rest + repeat 5 times


The Perfect Fitness Plan to go with your Perfect Butt

stronger plan

If you’re looking for more structure for your workouts we suggest you try our fitness plan, Stronger. The stronger plan includes 6 weeks of workouts – 3 times a week and will help build overall muscle tone. Add in 1-2 butt workouts to your fitness plan per week.

We suggest 1 butt HIIT workout and 1 strength circuit workout. Challenge yourself but make sure you focus on form before adding any weight. Talk with a trainer before performing any exercise you’ve never done before. Performing a glute workout without proper form can lead to serious back injuries. Check out our exercise library for instructions on how to properly do each exercise.

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