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Hi! It’s Leanna, the Community Manager here! Some of you Sworkiteers know me and that I love fun and games. Life isn’t all rainbows and sunshine and sometime’s we have to do things we don’t love (like eating our daily intake of fruits and vegetables).

As someone who hardcore believes that anything mundane in life can be made into a game, I made up this game, called “Throw Everything into a Salad and See How it Tastes”. It’s actually really fun and ends up being quite delicious.

It’s a new fun game I started as I realized I could be perfectly happy eating pasta and chicken every day and that I wasn’t getting hardly any greens in my diet.

Before you read please note that I am not a dietician. I am not telling you to play this game and you really should see a dietician if you’re not sure what you should be eating. I do love to promote healthy eating and I really do think that you can feel amazing, especially after a jam-packed salad full of nutrients. Following exactly what I do won’t do the same thing for your body because we’re all different. Also, an important part of the game is to choose the things you love and that work for you.  Okay, now that I’ve said that, let’s have some fun!

If you struggle with using all your groceries and spending too much on things that go bad, the salad game I made up may be a perfect solution for you.

The Planning of the Salad Game

When I’m getting groceries, I love to save money, and who wouldn’t right? That means I want to make the most meals out of the least items possible. My logic: Anything I buy should be able to be thrown into a salad.

Here’s a preview of my last shopping trip:





So that’s what I bought. And let me tell you, I put most of these ingredients in a salad, maybe separately or that’d be weird, but I made it happen.

Putting it All in the Salad

It’s as easy as taking all of these ingredients and deciding what to add. I recently saw this awesome salad infographic that gives you things to add to your salad based on what you like. That’s great inspiration.

Here’s how I constructed my Salad

Vegetables: I added all the veggies from my list above to my salad. I chopped the celery, tomato, onion, and broccoli really small and shredded the carrots.

Fruit:  I chose strawberries for a sweet touch.

Protein: I added sunflower seeds and I grilled chicken breast.

For the dressing, I mixed in very tiny (and cute!) mixing bowl: Honey, Fresh Lemon Juice, and Apple Cider vinegar and poured it on top for a perfect, healthy dressing. The cheese was a bonus. I just love cheese and nothing will keep me away from it.

Although I didn’t I could’ve added a hard-boiled egg and I would’ve utilized 15/18 of my groceries but since I didn’t I still utilized 14/18 of my groceries! It feels darn good to use up everything I’ve bought.

Other Meals

If you’re wondering what I do with the groceries other than making a giant salad, it’s actually really fun to design menu items from a few ingredients.

Here are some additional things I made from my grocery list

Having the basics at home really helps. We’ve all heard it over and over: Out with the bad food and you won’t eat it. That’s why I keep brown rice, kasha (buckwheat, a Russian favorite that is actually quite good for you and similar to quinoa), dried beans (black, lentils, garbanzo), and 86% dark chocolate stalked.

Consequently, I’m not defaulting to pasta because, to be honest, if there’s pasta I’ll eat the whole box in one sitting and add but 2 spinach leaves to it and claim it’s healthy. Who knows if I’ll even leave room in my stomach for the spinach! It’s all about honesty.

Adding beans or grains such as kasha or brown rice to a salad are a great way to have a more substantial meal if the salad needs more substance.

I hardly ever crave sweets, but if I do having the chocolate is great and I love dark, dark chocolate. I keep it right with my honey and peanut butter and love a little square with my tea and honey at night.

Winning the Salad Game: Rules

To win the salad game, here are the rules.
Bonus Points




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