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High-tech, personalized healthcare is in high demand among patients. This is music to our ears at Sworkit because our mission is to be the best global health product for instructional exercise videos. We pride ourselves on being the solution that empowers our members to take control of their fitness.

Hearing that you need a change of lifestyle is scary and it can be hard to start.

According to, without weight loss and moderate physical activity, 15%-30% of pre-diabetic people will develop Type 2 Diabetes within five years. The most difficult part of this situation for these people, however, is finding a solution that is actionable and does not require a drastic change in lifestyle. When you’re sedentary, starting a program for moderate physical activity is really hard. It is challenging when you have a doctor or trainer periodically checking in on you and can be downright impossible if you have to go it alone. So what do you do?

The issue is there are so many outside factors in life that facilitate poor health and bad lifestyle choices that it is hard to find the motivation to take actual steps towards incorporating moderate exercise into your life. That’s why we made Sworkit. Sworkit empowers you by giving you the ability to fit exercise into your life, on your terms. You will be able to complete workouts that fit your restraints and can even work directly with your doctor or trainer to develop the right plan for you.

Be held accountable and know your doctor cares about your progress.

With Sworkit, patients have their own personal trainer in their pocket. We provide a healthy program that can be done privately in the comfort of their home. They no longer have to fear the gym. Our app is specifically designed to take the most impactful exercises and pack them into a simple plan that can be customized for any fitness level or physical condition. Exercising is no longer a competition in the gym to see who looks the best in the mirror or who stacks the most weight. We make fitness a one-on-one between you and the app. You can get your doctor involved in proactive health.

Having a referral that leads to a definite outcome leads to a great patient-physician relationship.

As stated by Milbank Quarterly, 25 to 50% of referring physicians do not know whether their patients actually see the specialist they are referred to. “Well, the doctor didn’t follow up to see if I went so I’m not going to. It must not be that important.” That is a natural reaction. This number, however, is even higher when it comes to physicians not knowing whether their patients follow their lifestyle recommendations. We will hold you accountable because we want to impact your life in meaningful ways. The problem is that we want to feel like patients and not another number. This is a problem needs tremendous attention. The challenge is that it is nearly impossible for each physician to follow up with every patient, every day. They’d never sleep…and sleep is important, too! It doesn’t mean that they do not care about each and every one of their patients. They just don’t have enough hours in the day. The referral, in this case, the recommendation to get more exercise, is downloadable right from the bed and the physician can look into their patients’ eyes and show that they care by requiring the patient to show them their exercise history logs during their next visit.

Exercises that are encouraging. The progress that is attainable.

Sworkit prides itself on exercises that are simple. We provide aerobic, strength, and flexibility exercises that raise the bar for technology in physical activity. We want to make sure that each user, no matter where they are starting from, is finding exercises that meet their individual goals and needs. Our product is the only app to meet the majority of the guidelines put forth by the ASCM. Our exercises are specifically designed by a physical therapist for low impact and injury. For example, Anna is a long time Sworkit user and finds Sworkit was there for her when she had a knee injury. It was the best solution since she couldn’t do much cardio or put pressure on her knees.

Our plan.

We offer exercises and plans that fit anyone’s needs. Young or old, beginner or advanced, we want to offer something to you. Get Sworkit today and try it for yourself. Download Sworkit for better health. Talk with your physician or trainer. You can create a custom workout that is tailored for you!

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