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Sworkit is the most customizable workout app you will ever experience. You can create custom workouts with over 300+ exercises to choose from. We’re going to show you how to create a custom workout.

Sworkit exercise library for custom workouts

Create a Custom Workout

1. Open your Sworkit app and select “custom”.

custom workout step 1

2. Select “Create New Workout”.

custom workout step 2

3. The filter will pop up automatically. Filter the exercises you’re looking for here or click the x in the top left corner. You can filter exercises by impact level, focus areas, noise level, and more. Click done to see filtered exercises.
custom workout step 3

4. Search exercises or scroll through the filtered exercises here and select the ones you want to add to your custom workout.

Sworkit custom workout step 4

5. Name your workout and click “Save”.

Sworkit custom workout step 5

6. You can label your workout by type, share your workout with friends, or start your workout!


Need to find exercises to replace the ones you can’t do? Check out our exercise library here! Our exercise library is filled with modifiers whether you’re looking for more of a challenge or an easier modification.


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